Worship Volunteers


The Board of Deacons schedules one or more people to greet everyone as they come in to the sanctuary either for Sunday morning worship or various special services such as those scheduled for Holy Week or Christmas Eve. When you volunteer, please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the service. The secretary puts the worship bulletins and the children's bulletins in the rack on the wall of the vestibule before Sunday morning. Take a supply of each, stand by the sanctuary doors, and as people come in smile, say hello, and give them a bulletin. If someone new to Mountville comes, be sure to greet them warmly, thank them for joining us for worship, and answer any questions they may have. After the service begins, you may go to your own seat.

Thank you for agreeing to be a greeter. As the greeter, you are one of the first to be seen as people arrive for worship. It is especially nice to have someone speak to you when you are a guest at a church. If you would like to be a Greeter, speak to a Deacon about being added to the schedule.


The Worship Committee schedules someone to read the Call to Worship and Scripture. When it is time for the Call to Worship, you go to the pulpit and ask everyone to stand if they are able (if we aren't already.) You will read the Leader part as printed in the bulletin, and the congregation will read the part marked People. If there is a hymn next printed in the bulletin, you may ask everyone to remain standing to sing the song. You then go to your seat and return to the pulpit when it is time for the Scripture Reading. Say a prayer and read the scripture passage named in the bulletin. When you are finished reading you return to your seat once more.

Thank you for agreeing to be the Worship Reader. Having congregation members take an active role in our worship service is a great way for people to use their gifts. While it will remain the pastor's responsibility to give the sermon and spiritual lesson, the congregation members can assist in the service where appropriate. 1 Corinthians 12:14 tells us that "the body is not made up of one part but of many." If you would like to be a Worship Reader, speak to a Worship Committee member about being added to the schedule.


Two or three people are scheduled each week to lead our Junior Church program. Partway through the worship service, all children in PreK through 6th grade are invited to go downstairs for a kid friendly program. You will lead the kids in an age appropriate time of singing, prayer, and a scripture lesson. The kids will remain downstairs with you until the worship service upstairs is concluded.

Thank you for agreeing to work with our Junior Church program. This is a great way to help our kids learn more about our wonderful God in a way that is easy for them to follow. If you would like to help with Junior Church, speak to Pastor Patrick about being added to the schedule.


One or two people are scheduled each week to oversee the technological aspects of our worship services. During the week, you will create the service presentation using the Easy Worship software. You program the slides to be projected onto the screens with the information provided by the pastor, the music director, and the secretary following the order of worship as listed in each week's bulletin. During the worship service, you will sit upstairs to run that week's program. You will also monitor the sound system and adjust the microphones levels as needed.

Thank you for agreeing to run the Easy Worship program and/or the sound system. This is a great way to enhance our worship services. Many people find that the scripture and hymn lyrics are easier to read on the large monitors. And additional information can be shown with the sermons and announcements. If you are interested in learning how to run these computer programs, speak to a member of the tech crew.

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