Sunday School

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

We invite you to join us for Sunday School each and every Sunday morning at 9:30am.


Children's Classes - Preschool-5th Grade

Currently the younger children's classes are meeting by age level (Non-readers: Preschool through 1st grade. Readers: 2nd through 5th grade.) Each class time will include a Bible lesson and activities. The activities may include games, crafts, science experiments, and such that reinforce the Bible Lesson.

We are excited to offer a new Sunday School program for all kids from Pre-K through Grade 5. "Digging Into the Heart of God brings a fresh approach to growing a lifelong relationship with God. As kids explore God's character throughout the Bible, God transforms them from the inside out. Kids discover what it means to reflect the heart of God in everyday life."

"DIG IN creates experiences where kids make discoveries, helping them to take ownership of their faith. Simply being TOLD to believe something does not result in a strong and sustaining faith."

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The teachers for the Children's classes are Jamie Bish, Jodie Parson, Sammie Beachem, and Meagan Aiken.

Tween/Teen Class - 6th-12th Grade

All students in middle school or high school are invited to attend our Tween/Teen Discussion Group during the Sunday School time. The leaders will use the Bible and other relevant resources to talk about various topics and questions chosen by the students themselves that impact their own lives today.

Some of the topics chosen by the students in the past year include: the Twelve Disciples, the Lord's Prayer, Life - from birth to death, Angel sightings from the Old and New Testaments, the Parable of the Donuts, Pentecost - what it means, and Joseph & his siblings. They used several meaningful words to create a wordle and then compared those words to the book of James. They have also created artwork comparing light and life, listened to and discussed contemporary Christian music, and watched some relevant movies.

The teachers for the Tween/Teen class are Corrie Nye and Sue Moore.

Adult Class

The adult class is a wonderful opportunity to share with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ our questions and thoughts about scripture. The class atmosphere is friendly and casual. If you do not feel like speaking out loud, that is perfectly fine. Just listening to the discussion is still a great way to learn more, and with such an amazing God, there is always more to learn. We hope you will attend the class as often as you can.

For the winter, the adults are studying Mountaintop Moments: Meeting God in the High Places by Ed Robb. Mountaintop moments are "those moments when we experience the power, love, and grace of God in a way difficult to capture in words. They give us a sense of God's presence in our lives and often change our perspective of who God is and who we are. In this series, Dr. Ed Robb connects personal mountaintop experiences in our spiritual life with the mountains in the Old and New Testament and the events related to these sacred places." (Description from )

The teacher for the Adult class is Brian Lasko.

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