Spotlight Mission

Each month, the Mission Committee will highlight one or more of the organizations we support financially, physically, and/or prayerfully.


The January Spotlight Missions are EduNations and Pastor Samuel Sesay.

Motivated by compassion for "the least of these," EduNations gives forgotten children tangible reasons to hope. More than teaching the ABCs, EduNations creates schools in Sierra Leone, Western Africa, that become self–supporting beacons of growth and learning. Rescuing one child enriches a community, which strengthens a nation. By helping to educate forgotten children today, they help create a brighter future for this nation tomorrow.

EduNations provides free education from nursery age all the way through grade 9 with the hope to expand education through the end of high school. Each of their schools offer the opportunity for both individual and community development by providing not only a free education, but also working with their partners to provide clean water, sanitary facilities, solar power, churches, and sustainable community development projects. They are on a mission to empower people and communities by igniting hope through education.

EduNations operates 15 schools in 6 remote villages in Sierra Leone, bringing in students from surrounding villages to be educated as well. Their schools are located in the villages of Rokassa, Gbenekoro, Fintonia, Mayatta, Mapainda, and Makump. Mountville partners with EduNations and The Presbytery of the Alleghenies to sponsor four students in the village of Fintonia.

Engage 2025 is the World Outreach initiative encouraging each EPC church to help establish a church and strong Christian influence in an unreached Muslim area by the year 2025. The POA has begun this mission by focusing on adopting two villages in northern Sierra Leone – Fintonia and Rokassa. Pastor Samuel Sesay is a Missionary Evangelist in the EPC in Sierra Leone and is also currently serving as the President of EduNations. His commitment to helping 'the least of these' experience the love of God is what drives him on and on daily as he sees life after life and community after community come to experience this love. Mountville supports Pastor Sesay as well as sponsors four students from Fintonia.

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