About Us

A few things to know about this wonderful church:

We are a church that wants to know and worship the living God. Every time we meet is a special time to meet God and to know Him better.

We are a church that loves its community. We collect several special offerings throughout the year in addition to our regular budgeted amounts that benefit many local ministries. We desire to allow others to experience the love of Christ through His church.

We are a church that God has brought together to love Him and one another. We have people with different backgrounds and occupations. We have young couples with young children or teenagers, older couples & grandparents, and single people. All are united as one to grow in faith and serve one another & our community better.

We are a church that wants to use our faith and talents to make a difference. Our Staff enjoys working together and has a variety of gifts that they use to serve our congregation well. Our Elders teach classes, pray for those in need, and offer leadership to the committees. Our Deacons minister with care and compassion, host fellowship hours, and have a card and visitation program to connect with people. Our Trustees work hard to make sure our facilities and finances are used wisely to be a blessing to all.

As a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we are:

Presbyterian – We are governed by an elected group of ruling elders together with a teaching elder (pastor), and the group is called the session. The presbytery is our regional governing body overseeing several area churches. The general assembly is our nationwide organization overseeing the presbyteries.

Reformed – We accept the five "solas", or phrases, of the Reformation. Scripture alone is the highest authority. Grace alone is the means to be saved. Faith alone is the means to receive God's grace. Christ alone is the mediator between God and us. God's glory alone is the ultimate purpose for our lives.

Evangelical – We believe in the importance of sharing the gospel and that it is a priority of the Church.

Missional – We are part of the community of believers called by God to be witnesses for God in the community and the world.

Mission Statement

The Mountville Presbyterian Church upholds the Word of God as written in Scripture. God's love is practiced through prayer, worship, and service to all individuals. #teachtoreach-reachtoteach

Statement of Purpose

Mountville Church, in obedience to the Word of God, seeks to ever serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Our church provides opportunities for Christian discovery, conversion, and growth through word and deed. We serve all people both the unbeliever and believer. We trust in God to use our church to provide new members to his Kingdom and to continually encourage new steps toward Christian maturity. The ministry of Mountville concentrates on our church ministry in order to reach the community and the world for Christ.

Profession of Faith

Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the only way of salvation. Holy Scripture is the Triune God's revealed Word, the Church's only infallible rule of faith and life. God's people are called to holiness in all aspects of life. This includes honoring the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

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